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NEWGLASS UNLIMITED offers a wide range of shower enclosures for you to choose from. In order to help you decide which type of shower enclosure you would like we have included a few examples and brief description of each. Contact NEWGLASS UNLIMITED for an appointment to measure and estimate the cost of your new shower enclosure.

Framed Shower Enclosures are a great addition to existing bathrooms. Framed showers are usually made using thinner glass (1/4") with aluminum hardware that gives the enclosure strength, support, and shape. Framed showers enclosures are typically priced lower than their counterparts which makes them ideal option when price is a factor.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures have the beauty of a frameless enclosure, but closer to the budget of a framed shower enclosure a semi-frameless enclosure is an option. The semi-frameless products are the best alternative design and built to last. The semi-frameless design features low profile framing with a solid glass door. A wide variety of material finishes and glass options such at textures, colors and thicknesses make the semi-framesless shower enclosures a great choice for a vast array of creative project.

Framesless shower enclosures are the way to go if you are looking for supreme luxury. With a frameless shower you will get tempered safety glass, ranging in thinkness from 3/8" to 1/2". This is used to minimize the amount of hardware, causing the shower and glass to appear almost invisible. Frameless enclosures also come with a multitude of design options to compliment your bathroom and budget.